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COVID-19 | How informed are you?

Besides the prevention & symptoms that you all might be aware of already (thanks to the social media) here are some important must know facts about COVID-19.

1. COVID-19 IS NOT AIRBORNE it is transmitted through droplets which are too heavy to hang in air and falls quickly on floor/surface.


a) Bringing your hands to mouth for smoke can transfer virus.

b) Sharing tobacco products like hookah/water-pipes can transfer virus.

c) Smoking weakens lungs.

3. During #lockdown be active at least 30 min/day for adults & 1 hour/day for children.

4. OLDER PEOPLE must keep regular routines regarding exercise, healthy diet, taking medication regularly & keeping mentally and emotionally motivated. Also, know where and how to get help in case of emergency.

5. Please MAINTAIN STRICT QUARANTINE if it's recommended to you by authorities, stay connected by social media etc.

6. IF YOU HAVE FEVER,COUGH OR DIFFICULTY IN BREATHING seek early medical care by calling beforehand and follow medical advice. Don't fear quarantine, it's for your own good and of others.

7. At last get the facts not the rumours and misinformation FACTS HELP MINIMISING FEAR. Remember, even the healthiest and youngest of people can develop complications through COVID-19.

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