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About Us

JAIN’S DENTAL VILLA hosts its patients with the most standardised and sophisticated dental care in a soothing homely environment. With latest equipment, technology and time saving procedures we strictly maintain that the most important element is the Doctor-Patient relationship. We wish to facilitate a comfortable, respectful and long-term relationship between our team of doctors and our patients.

  • Expert Diagnosis: Our team is highly experienced, well trained and updated with the latest advancements in their respective field of dentistry.

  • Best Line of Treatment: We intend to provide with what suits our patients the best.

  • Comfortable Dentistry: Advanced dental equipment and materials make the dental treatments comfortable and less painful unlike conventional dentistry.

  • Sterilisation: Strong emphasis is placed on sterilising equipment prior to their use. Stringent protocol of fumigation & disinfection is applicable before each surgical procedure.

  • Priority: We value the importance of your time and hence keep your appointments scheduled as per your convenience; completing the treatment in as little time frame as possible.

  • Patient Satisfaction: We are here to answer all the queries our patients might have regarding the Disease, Treatment and Post-Operative care. It’s our privilege to educate patients about their oral health.

  • Ambience: The clinic is designed to keep you relaxed and comfortable. The warm and welcoming staff will assist you with all you need.

Apart from the routine dental treatment, we have advanced and more Comprehensive dental treatment like Aesthetic dentistry, Implant, Orthodontia, Gum surgery, Bone augmentation procedures to name a few.

DR HIMESH JAIN holds Masters in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. He is a member of the Indian Endodontic Society and Indian Society of Dental Research; presented papers on various aspects of dentistry and won accolades at international level. He is an expert in complex root canal treatments and repeat root canal treatments. He has been trained extensively in cosmetic treatments and smile designing.

He strives to combine his exceptional education and clinical experience with his dedication to improvise patients’ dental health. He has undergone extensive clinical training as Associate with various established clinics in the city, attends extensive continuing education in all fields of dentistry. He constantly updates his expertise in multiple endodontic techniques to bring in for his patients the best treatment outcome.

The rest of our carefully selected team of specialists on panel shares our common motto to provide you with the highest quality dental care. “Smile is a curve that puts everything straight” and this valuable feature will always be nursed by us in the most sophisticated manner ever!

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